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Meet The Staff

Here at Cathedral View, our staff are the heartbeat of all we do and none more so than Walter Barona, our facilities assistant who is implementing extra measures in the current challenging times. 

How did you get to work at Cathedral View, what’s your career?

I was hired by The Passage as a Cleaning Coordinator 7 years ago. When that role no longer existed, I became part of the Facilities Department. Here I am responsible for managing a number of our external contractors including cleaning, waste, plumbers, electricians and special projects.

How has your role changed in light of the COVID-19 outbreak?

It has changed a lot and we are having to react and adapt daily. At the start of the pandemic, the facilities team had to be kept fully up to date with news of any staff members showing symptoms. For those that were, the cleaning teams had to ensure all the areas that the member of staff had been in contact with were fully disinfected. The key here was up to date communication in order to manage this.

Alongside this, there was extra disinfecting in areas of higher footfall such as the main entrance area with a particular focus on doors, handles etc. 

We have also turned six of our meeting rooms into bedrooms for Passage staff members who couldn?t go home due to their family members being classed as high risk.

As a team, we?re constantly reacting to the needs to protect our clients and our staff. 

What do you like about your role?

The most enjoyable parts of my role are to make people feel welcomed. The first impression is vital. I genuinely believe that smiling is the best way to break the ice. 

What’s the secret to being the best facility assistant?

I don’t know if I’m the best facility assistant, but I DO know if someone requires my help, I will help out as soon as possible.

What would you say is your greatest life learning so far?

I learnt to empathise with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Please tell us about your education and how your childhood was in South America, what are the big differences with London?

I studied Accountancy back home. I was born in Ecuador, in a city called Ambato, commonly known as the land of bread, flowers and fruits.

I grew up in the middle of the Andes’ mountains, eating healthy, climbing trees, dancing salsa and playing football all in dreamy weather. I don’t see any differences between London and Ecuador, nothing at all…perhaps the weather?

“It has been a delight to use the Marillac room for the last four days. Thanks especially to your team for looking after us. I hope and expect to use Cathedral View for more training courses in the future.”

Mark Wilcock, Zomalex

“Everyone loved the space - it was perfect for the workshop”

Helen James, John Lewis 2000px-John_Lewis_Logo.svg

“Thank you most sincerely for supporting the Catholic Medical Association?s Mass and Brunch event. It was thought to be a great success by all who attended. All those present were extremely impressed by the work of The Passage”

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