Supplier Focus: Eden Caterers

Each month, we will be focusing on one of our wonderful suppliers that bring the magic to our variety of events at Cathedral View. This month, it?s the fab Eden Caterers. 

We are happy to say that we use Eden Caterers nearly every day at Cathedral View and they are always our go-to for food to cater for events, conferences, workshops and parties. We love them for a number of reasons: 

  • They fact that their food is delicious helps! We love their offer and their varying menu ideas to suite all tastes and events.?They have a wide choice of menus; an increased vegan range and all menus can be made gluten free. On top of this, all meat, apart from chicken, is halal.?
  • Nothing is too much for them and even with the trickiest requests, they always find a solution.?
  • They are regarded as one of the UK?s most sustainable caterers which is music to our ears being a socially conscious events space. Since their incarnation in 1993, Eden has put sustainability at the top of its list and pride itself on using fresh UK produce, free range meat and poultry and sustainably sourced fish. To cement this, they have been awarded a 3-star rating (the highest you can get) from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.??
  • The packaging they use to keep food fresh looks like plastic but is actually made from corn! So it basically just decomposes and turns into starch!
  • They are reliable, nice and trustworthy. Being nice goes a long way and we have had nothing but great experiences working with Eden. They understand what Cathedral View and The Passage is about and our values and work in accordance with them and we have only heard glowing reviews from our customers.  
  • They work with some amazing brands. Do check out their website: and the brands and organisations they work with ? they pride themselves on catering for everything from a 15 people board meeting to a 1000 head sit down dinner and do everything with the same level of quality and service.  
  • They?re local! Eden are based in Waterloo so it?s perfect for us here in the heart of Victoria.