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Meet The Team

Here at Cathedral View we have a dedicated team that bring events to life all year round in our fantastic conference rooms and beautiful roof top terrace. 

Not only do they go above and beyond to ensure all our clients are happy and they have a hugely successful event, they are dedicated to showcasing the wonderful spaces we have here as well as passionately supporting The Passage and all the fantastic work this charity does. 

In the first of our series of Meet The Team, we?d love to introduce you to a new member of the team, Nicky Rowe.

Nicky is no stranger to The Passage and Cathedral View as Nicky started as a volunteer receptionist for The Passage in January this year. Nicky was blown away with the compassion, commitment and overall loveliness of the people she came into contact with so when a role became available in the events team, Nicky jumped at the chance to go for it and we?re so glad she did!

Nicky now works with Thomasina is the events team as venue assistant and works on the wonderful events hosted at Cathedral View as well as marketing and showcasing the spaces to potential clients. 

Before working with us, Nicky was an events co-ordinator and a Visiting Tailor so brought with her a wealth of events organising experience.

Great to have you here Nicky! 

If you have an events enquiry, do drop Nicky a line at: [email protected]

What Events Organisers Look For

Here at Cathedral View, we host a variety of events for a number of clients from all sectors. We often deal with the head of events / operations to finalise bringing their vision to life in our beautiful event spaces ? either our meeting and conference rooms or our picturesque roof top terrace ? to ensure they have the best event possible.

We asked the head of operations at a leading brand what they look for in a great venue space and we?re very happy to say that Cathedral View ticks most of these boxes! 

What factors do you consider when looking for a venue? 

Well located for transport links for delegates ? there?s nothing worse than a lost attendee! 

Easy access (loading bays for suppliers) as it can be really stressful when there?s not an area to unload. 

We try to find unique spaces, but it?s not always possible with the events we are putting on as we need the amount space to take dominance over the individuality of a venue, so we have quite a strict criteria to fit. 

How do you measure event success?

For most events we measure the success of the event through the NPS result from delegate surveys (only larger events would do this I imagine) as then we can really gauge the enjoyment, ease and overall satisfaction. 

For smaller events it?s about how much the people their enjoyed themselves and that they remember the event and how it made them feel. 

Another big factor is if the purpose of the event was met, did you get everything you want out of it, did you get everything across that you wanted to get across, did you raise the money you wanted to raise, etc? Setting clear event objectives and measuring them after the event for ROI is hugely important.?

An event in full flow on our roof!

How do you keep your events budget on track? 

There is a lot of negotiation with suppliers to get the best price possible as well as constantly reviewing options and suppliers to find a compromise that works for the budget as well as the event. It?s all about negotiation and making sure you have a clear and realistic budget and sticking to it. 

Tips for running the perfect event. 

Preparation is key ? plan, plan and plan. There?s never too much over-planning! 

Building strong relationships with the suppliers and all those involved in the running of the event as once you have your go-to network, things are so much easier and you understand how each other works and what the needs are from both sides which always makes for a successful event. 

Remembering that it?s an event; things will go wrong, so not letting those last-minute hiccups make you stressed. It?s very rare that everything will go to plan but ensure that the big things are always seamless and if a small thing goes wrong it?s not that big a deal. 

“It has been a delight to use the Marillac room for the last four days. Thanks especially to your team for looking after us. I hope and expect to use Cathedral View for more training courses in the future.”

Mark Wilcock, Zomalex

“Everyone loved the space - it was perfect for the workshop”

Helen James, John Lewis 2000px-John_Lewis_Logo.svg

“Thank you most sincerely for supporting the Catholic Medical Association?s Mass and Brunch event. It was thought to be a great success by all who attended. All those present were extremely impressed by the work of The Passage”

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