Why Challenge Events Work So Well

Most of us will have sponsored someone recently ? maybe for the marathon or a local charity fundraiser. Here at Cathedral View we have a big focus on Challenge Events and promoting the great people who are challenging themselves to raise money for The Passage. But what is the appeal for challenge events, for the participant and the supporter?

Real blood, sweat and tears are shed

Instead of someone rattling a tin asking you for money, when someone really puts themselves through it for a good cause, it is hugely admirable. It?s like the guilt we feel when watching the marathon from the sofa and the emotional investment we experience when watching it. Knowing that someone has taken themselves out of their comfort zone and put themselves through the wringer all for the sake of a good cause definitely plays on the heartstrings and a generates a lot of attention and support. When you think back to David Walliams swimming the Thames or Tess and Claudia?s 24hr dance off for Comic Relief, the effort and sacrifice was evident to see, and people respond very well to that and often dig deep.

The impact on the cause

Often challenge events gain more notoriety, traction and admirability which in turn can lead to more money being raised. The Passage recently took part in the Walk the World event organized by Informa, which saw 900 people walking across London. This gained lots of noise and donations (thank you!) as it was an event and showed real people outside their comfort zone and going that extra mile (literally!) for a good cause.

Often the challenges are hugely awe inspiring

Each year the challenges get more and more outside the box and people are pushing their boundaries more than ever. Instead of the old school fun run or fancy-dress shindig, there are some hugely ambitious challenges out there. Swimming 10k open air, an amazon jungle survival challenge, a quadrathon (who even knew that was a thing!), abseils, sky dives, night walks, zip wires ? we could go on. It seems that people are pushing themselves more than ever all for a good cause. It?s the psychological responsibility that goes with committing to such challenges as once it?s out there, and you?re doing it for charity ? it?s very hard to go back. Maybe that helps the participant get through it in the first place? A sense of inclusion, involvement and doing a good thing We think for all involved from each side ? the participant and the donator, there is a real feel good factor associated with doing something good. There?s nothing better in fact. So, when people sign up to help us and raise money for The Passage, it?s really great seeing the joy it gives them too and the enthusiasm each donation gives. Are you interested in possibly doing a challenge event to raise money for The Passage? If so, get in touch!