Cathedral View Events

Here at Cathedral View we know the power of a good event. We host a number of events and activities throughout the year using our two conference rooms and our magical roof top garden.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all profit we make from our events goes straight back to The Passage and that we pull out all the stops to deliver a memorable event and bring our clients? visions to life.?

Here are a few of our tips and insight in order to deliver a truly memorable event.

Have an easy-to-reach location

Luckily for us, we are a stones-throw away from Victoria station which allows us to host delegates from all over London and the south coast. Location can be everything with events as needing to ensure people can get there and leave easily is hugely appealing. As well as this, ensuring that your clients have easy access (eg, loading bay, separate entrance, lift etc) is vital as it ensures their experience is as easy as possible.?

Our wonderful Roof Top garden, a stones throw away from Victoria.

Prepare and prepare again

It might be stating the obvious, but preparation really is key as well as building and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers. As with anything, no matter how much you prepare, something can ? and usually will! ? go wrong. This happens but it?s how you deal with it that matters. We ensure that our team is trained for most eventualities and that they react is a calm and collected way to find alternative solutions.?

The gorgeous food available at one of our events.

Keep your eye on budget

Everybody can get a tad giddy when it comes to throwing everything at an event, but the best events are the ones that are planned, strategized and budgeted fully and these guidelines are adhered to. We work with our delegates to ensure budgets are kept to and always manage expectations. 

Offer an element of magic

When we all think of a memorable event that we attended ? there is usually something specific we remember. Whether that be the food, drink, entertainment, the dressing of the space or the music that was played. Creating a bit of memorable magic is key and leave people something to smile about the next day. Here at Cathedral View a lot of our magic comes from the breath-taking view on our roof top as well as the layout of the space. We never tire of the reaction we get up there!?

Celebrate and learn from the success

Even though we host a large number of events, we are always growing and making our events better and better. We always follow up with our clients and ascertain if the event objectives were met, if the people that attended enjoyed the event and took value from it and whether their messages were given, and outcome met (eg, money raised). For larger events, we send out delegate surveys in order to get a fully rounded level of feedback that we input to our teams to offer insight and learnings for future events.?

Could we help you run an event? Please do get in touch to chat more and book your free tour!